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      Index to Customer Documentation
      for the [Alpha] SetSee

More documentation will be available as we proceed through the Apha period, in particular for the Publisher Edition.

Quick Start Guide
This brief guide, with little text but an animated GIF screencast demonstrating how to get started using SetSee, was shown to you automatically when you first installed the Browser Edition extension for your browser, but it can be viewed again anytime.

Example Web Pages  (to Show What SetSee Can Do)
This page contains a list of links to a variety of web pages that filter nicely with SetSee, so you can use your installed version of the Browser Edition with them to get a feel for the variety of page types that SetSee can work with.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
If you like getting your product questions answered one at a time using this venerable document type, this is the document you need.  It is structured to work well with SetSee—so you can use SetSee to learn about SetSee.  We want our FAQ to be as complete as possible, so If it doesn’t answer your question, please let us know!

Introduction to Using the [Alpha] SetSee Product
This 3-page guide gives fuller information for new users on using the SetSee product in general.  We doubt that you will need to use this—you should be able to use SetSee right away upon installing it by watching the screencast animated video provided.  But it is here if you need it.

These 2 documents provide information to the people who are considering signing up to be Alpha participants:

Alpha Trial Participant Prospectus, Browser Edition
This 1-page document describes the private Alpha program for the Browser Edition and the kind of feedback we are looking for.

Alpha Trial Participant Prospectus, Publisher Edition
This 2-page document describes the private Alpha program for the Publisher Edition and the kind of feedback & collaboration we’d like on refining 2 key aspects of our commercial product.